About the book

Doctor Chess guides his Unclass through the greatest classroom adventure of all time. The Doc has created a fabulous educational game for every subject. But what happens when the games come to life? His elementary school students suddenly find themselves involved in battles to save math, language, and the Universe itself!

Can Doctor Chess build the Time Corridor Equipment in time to rescue Math Wars? Can his students stop the Invasion of Language? Where are the Clay Tablets buried? Will paper football return? Who will win The Chess Game Of The Millennium?

A. Student records this epic, three-year saga journal-style. Along the way, the author discovers and details more adventures in a classroom than are imaginable. After you read this book, you and your classroom will never be the same until one day you can say with certainty, "The Unclass is Back!"


About the author

As an elementary school student in the 1980's (Reagan, Gorbachev, Montana, Springsteen) A. Student studied under Doctor Chess, the world's greatest coordinologist. As the official chronicler of the adventures that occurred in The Unclass is Back!, the author can truly describe this epic, three-year saga as the greatest classroom adventure of all time.

A. Student is currently studying journalism at a major university. Spare time project: Searching for Doctor Chess via


“The Greatest Classroom Adventure of All Time!”